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Florida, TLSAE, Permit Drug and Alcohol Test Answers 4

Study Guide: Florida Drug and Alcohol Traffic Awareness course or Florida TLSAE final exam answers

Who needs to take this course?
All first time drivers in Florida.

How long is this course?
4 hours.

This 4 hours Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education TLSAE course is also known as
• Florida learners permit
• Drug and Alcohol Test course
• Florida First Time Driver course
• Drug and Alcohol Traffic Awareness (D.A.T.A.)
• Drug & Alcohol Course or Drug and Alcohol Class
• Alcohol Drugs Accident Prevention Training (A.D.A.P.T.)

This course includes
The Societal Concerns of drugs and alcohol, The Economic Concerns of drugs and alcohol, How drugs and alcohol affect a motorist.

Where is this course's knowledge applied?
On the roadways of the State of Florida.

  1. On a two-way street, after coming to a complete stop at a red traffic light, what is the only move you can make?
    You can turn right unless posted otherwise.

  2. When a solid yellow line is drawn on your side of the center line, this means what?
    You can't pass.

  3. what is the minimum speed limit for Interstate and Defense Highways unless otherwise posted?
    40 mph

  4. What is the speed limit for school zones unless otherwise marked?
    15 mph

  5. What is the speed limit for business or residential districts unless otherwise posted?
    30 mph

  6. What is the maximum speed limit on highways in Florida?
    55 mph

  7. Stay in your lane for at least ___ ft. before changing lanes again
    50 feet

  8. Before changing lanes, signal for at least ___ ft.
    100 feet

  9. what is the lane that is for passing or for approaching an exit on the left-hand side of the highway?
    Left lane

  10. What is the lane that is best used by slow-moving vehicles and vehicles approaching their exit?
    Right lane

  11. If passing is not allowed for traffic in both directions, the broken line will be replaced by ___ solid yellow line(s)

  12. Which lines that indicate you may not pass?
    solid yellow lines

  13. Which lines that are used in areas where there are no restrictions on passing when it is safe to do so
    broken lines

  14. You may drive in lanes beneath _____________, but you must also obey all other signs and signals.
    The green arrow

  15. A ______ means that your lane signal is going to change to red. Prepare to leave the lane safely.
    A yellow light

  16. You must never drive in a lane under ________ light
    A red

  17. How are Lane Signals Used
    When the direction of the flow of traffic changes during the day.
    To show that a toll booth is open or closed.
    To show which lanes are opened or closed.

  18. What means slow down and proceed with caution?
    Flashing red light

  19. Some guide signs are ___ and ___; these indicate parks and recreational areas, camping spots, and hiking trails
    brown, white

  20. Some guide signs are ___ and ___; these indicate services ahead
    blue, white

  21. Which signs that are usually green and white?
    guide signs

  22. Which sign that means there will be road construction for the next 13 miles?
    Construction zone ahead sign

  23. Which sign that means to slow down and watch for children crossing?
    School crossing sign

  24. Which sign that indicates the speed limit in school zones during the hours indicated?
    School zone speed limit sign

  25. Which signs that are black and yellow?
    Warning signs

  26. Warning signs are usually ___-shaped, with some exceptions

  27. Which sign that means that stopping is permitted only for real emergencies?
    Emergency stopping only sign

  28. Which sign that means the parking space is designated for persons who are disabled on either private or public property?
    Handicapped parking sign

  29. Which sign that means railroad tracks are ahead
    Railroad crossing sign

  30. Which sign that means the motorist is approaching a one-way highway or ramp from the wrong direction?
    Do not enter sign

  31. Which sign that means slow down so you can yield the right of way to pedestrians crossing the roadway and to vehicles on the intersecting street or highway?
    Yield sign

  32. Which sign that means you must come to a complete stop before entering the intersection ahead and yield to traffic close enough to be an immediate hazard?
    Stop sign

  33. Which are white or red signs that regulate the flow of traffic and advise motorists of any laws for that area?
    Regulatory signs

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