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N - Traffic School, TLSAE Test Answers

Question: Air bags are designed to deploy only under certain conditions, usually in the event of a __________.
Question: Air bags are supplemental protection and work best with seat belts.
Question: True or False: Airbags will deploy in a head-on collision, but not in a collision that occurs from an angle.
Question: Air bags are usually located in the steering wheel and __________.
Question: Air bags can be dangerous or fatal under certain circumstances. You should not sit closer than ______ inches from the steering wheel.
Question: True or False: Airbags will deploy no matter from what angle your car is hit.
Question: Air bags are primarily designed to offer protection from crashes from the rear and side.
Question: The best safety feature for preventing whiplash is the airbag.
Question: An airbag alone is always is better protection than a safety belt alone.
Question: The decision about airbag on/off switches should be made with the all the facts in mind: in most cases using a switch is rarely necessary if simple precautions are taken.

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