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N - Traffic School, TLSAE Test Answers ➜ Effects of Cocaine Usage on Vehicle Drivers

Question: Cocaine may cause higher sensitivity to light, causing the driver to see __________.
Question: A person using cocaine has the illusion of being alert and stimulated, _______________.
Question: About one in __________ young drivers believes using recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, speed, or ecstasy does not affect their driving.
Question: Stimulants such as cocaine and caffeine ____________ the central nervous system and increase excitability and the likelihood that the driver would take unnecessary chances.
Question: Users of cocaine may experience chest pains, heart attack, sudden death from respiratory or heart failure and stroke.
Question: ___________ like cocaine and amphetamines, affect a person's perception, mood and attention span, and can make the person over-confident and more likely to take risks behind the wheel.
Question: Stimulants are designed to stimulate the central nervous system.
Question: Cocaine users are often stopped for __________.
Question: General effects of cocaine use include ________.
Question: General effects of cocaine use include_______.
Question: __________ is the second most widely used illegal drug in the United States.
Question: Cocaine is the second most commonly used illicit drug in the U.S.
Question: ____________ is considered a stimulant drug.
Question: Cocaine affects the driver by______.
Question: Cocaine affects the driver’s_______.
Question: Common effects of cocaine include __________.
Question: The long-term effects of cocaine are _the short-term effects.
The long-term effects of cocaine are __________ the short-term effects.
Question: The most dramatic effects of cocaine on driving are on vision.
Question: The most dramatic effects of cocaine on driving are _____________.
Question: Abuse of_______have been linked to the neurotransmitter dopamine.
Question: People who smoke cocaine are at risk for increased breathing problems like bronchitis and pneumonia due to irritation and inflammation of the tissues in your breathing tract.

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