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Florida BDI Course Final Exam Answers 2016

Question: You are not at higher risk for having a collision when you drive alone.
Answer: FALSE

Question: With severe emotional pain, the driver could turn to substance ______ to hide emotional pain.
Answer: both "use" and "abuse"

Question: To avoid impaired drivers, you should drive late at night on weekends as no one drinks on weekends.
Answer: FALSE

Question: The driver should wait at the limit line at first and then ease out into the intersection before completing the turn.
Answer: TRUE

Question: The conscientious driver is often time the ______ driver.
Answer: Defensive

Question: Planning and research are not involved in the establishment of traffic laws?
Answer: FALSE

Question: No passing to the left should be done when:
Answer: both "curve of a highway" and "approaching or upon the crest of a grade"

Question: ______________ is a type of drug that induces a soothing, lulling or dulling affect.
Answer: Narcotic

Question: In urban areas, scanning for potential hazards is about ______ of a mile in front of your vehicle.
Answer: one quarter ( ¼ )

Question: In the synergistic effect, each drug compounds the effect of the other, further altering the driver's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
Answer: TRUE

Question: If the driver drinks a carbonated alcohol beverage, the affects will be faster as the alcohol is absorbed and on the way to the brain sooner..
Answer: TRUE

Question: Driving in florida is a ___________.
Answer: privilege

Question: Driving a motor vehicle requires many coordinated functions which are __________ impacted by alcohol and other drugs.
Answer: Adversely

Question: Drivers must understand that traffic laws ______ them and should be supported and followed.
Answer: benefit

Question: Drivers being tailgated are advised to ______ to encourage the tailgating driver to pass.
Answer: slow down

Question: Child safety seat installation can be ______ due to the variety of seat belt configurations, vehicle and child safety seat designs.
Answer: difficult

Question: Airbags are not supplemental protection and work best without seatbelts.
Answer: FALSE

Question: When you are experiencing heightened stress, emotions or fatigue, the driver should:
Answer: not drive

Question: Alcohol affects the reaction time of drivers by slowing the reaction time down.
Answer: TRUE

Question: The liver's function is to _______ all-toxic substances from the body.
Answer: Remove

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