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► Florida Defensive Driving Course Module 4 Final Exam questions and answers

Florida 4 Hour BDI Traffic school course online driving course

You take like six(6) quiz, but they are easy then the final exam. You may complete the whole in 28 or 30 mins. But you have to let your pc run for three and half (3 1/2) hours then take the exam.

# Module 4 -  Crash Dynamics

Question 1: If one vehicle is going 20 mph and another is going 60 mph, the one going 60 mph has _______ times the force at impact as the one going 20 mph.
Correct Answer:   nine

Question 2: One of the two collisions that happen in a crash is:
Correct Answer:   impact of the car with the object
Question 3: The increase of speed is a squared relationship. Three times the speed will have nine times the force of impact.
Correct Answer:   True

Question 4: Unbelted vehicle occupants reach 0 mph by striking the windshield, steering column and dashboard.
Correct Answer:   True
Question 5: As the vehicle continues to deform at the beginning, the passengers are still traveling forward at the speed of the vehicle.
Correct Answer:   True

Question 6: Modern vehicles are designed to crush when they crash to absorb kinetic energy.
Correct Answer:   True

Question 7: the _______ at impact is what can kill.
Correct Answer:   force

Question 8: The second collision is when the windshield or steering column stops you if you do not wear your safety belt.
Correct Answer:   True

Florida Online Defensive Driving / Traffic School Course - All Module, Final Exam questions and answers

Module 1 - Traffic Crash Problems
Module 2 - The Human Factors
Module 3 - DUI Prevention
Module 4 - Crash Dynamics
Module 5 - Safety Equipment
Module 6 - Crash Prevention Techniques
Module 7 - Florida Traffic Laws
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