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2020 - Florida Learners Permit and Practice Test

How to Get a Restricted License (Florida Learners Permit) - Class E-Learner

It’s easy for teenagers to complete their requirements to get a Florida Learner Permit with the computers at your local library. Online courses allow you to come and go (login and logout) and you can use a different computer each time you login, if necessary.

In Florida, a Learners Permit is also called Florida restricted license, is issued to teenagers between ages 15 and 17 once they complete the required course and tests.

Step 1: Complete the four hour Drug and Alcohol Florida DMV required course online.

About the Course: Florida TLSAE / DATA Course Online (called the Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness course and also called the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse and Education). You are eligible at age 14 1/2 years to complete the DATA course. This is a four hour course that is similar to reading a book on the Internet. The course allows you to come and go as often as you like and you can use any computer with Internet access. The course covers traffic laws and the affect drugs and alcohol have on driving.

Step 2: Step 2: Pass the written DMV test on Road Signs and Road Rules.

About the Test: This test is now available online to students who have: 1) Completed the DATA course online; and, 2) The student must be 15, 16 or 17 years old. It is important to study in advance of taking this test online, each question is timed.

Free Practice Study Guide: Here you will see a free study guide to test your knowledge on the road signs and road rules.

How to Register: You are only offered the written DMV test after first completing the DATA course online. You can only take it 3 times online so it’s important to study in advance and pass it the first time.

*Note: The DMV permit test on Road Signs and Road Rules can also be taken at a local drivers license office. You must take your Certificate of Completion for the four hour DATA course with you.

Step 3: Drivers License Office

What to Bring: Once you complete the DATA course online and/or the DMV permit test online, a Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you. You then take this Certificate to a drivers license office to get your picture taken. You will need a parent to sign a consent form and two original forms of ID (example: birth certificate and social security.)

Florida DMV Approved Florida first time drivers permit/TLSAE course offers both the DATA course and DMV test online:

Florida Practice Permit Test
  • Has to be taken by every license applicant
  • Includes questions on traffic regulations, road signs and other driving related information.
  • You must pass it if you plan on getting your license.
Florida Practice Permit Test
  1. Practice permit test allows you to study for the real permit test
  2. Practice permit tests have been specifically designed by the professionals to ensure that you are prepared for the real license or permit test.
  3. Practice permit test will allow you to evaluate your current level of preparation and show if you need to study more.
  4. Practice permit test can be taken in conjunction with a drivers ed course or on it own - whichever way you prefer.
  5. Practice
If you get a score of 80% or above (that’s 16 correct answers), you pass the test.

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