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2020 - Florida TLSAE, Drug and Alcohol Test Answers 3

4 HOUR Florida drug and alcohol test / TLSAE course final exam questions and answers

Question: Unless otherwise posted, in Florida, the speed limit for most municipal areas is __________.
A) 25 mph
B) 30 mph
C) 40 mph
D) 45 mph

ANS: 30 mph

Question: The faster alcohol is consumed, the faster it reaches the __________.
A) Brain
B) Liver
C) Bloodstream
D) Stomach

ANS: Bloodstream

Question: True or false: in 2008, 502 motorcyclists died in florida - an increase from the number killed in 2004.


Question: Average individuals eliminate alcohol from their bodies at an approximate rate of__________.
A) .08 BAL per hour
B) .05 BAL per hour
C) .018 BAL per hour
D) .015 BAL per hour

ANS: .015 BAL per hour

Question: What is defined as a state of periodic or chronic impairment
A) Abuse
B) A hangover
C) Addiction
D) Use

ANS: Addiction

Question: Most people who drove after the use of drugs were using __________.
A) Sedatives
B) Narcotics
C) Antihistamines
D) Pain Killers

ANS: Sedatives

Question: Drowsiness affects your senses, especially your __________.
A) Sense of taste
B) Vision
C) Hearing
D) Sense of smell

ANS: Vision

Question: The first time you are caught in violation of the minimum drinking age law, you will be convicted of a second degree misdemeanor which can include up to _________ days in jail.
A) 15
B) 180
C) 5
D) 60

ANS: 60

Question: In the state of Florida, passing a stopped school bus with flashing lights will result in a __________ violation.
A) Four Points
B) Six Points
C) Two Points
D) One Point

ANS: Four Points

Question: In 2006, the estimated economic cost of alcohol-related crashes in the U.S. was around ___________ (including monetary costs and insurance claims).
A) $13 billion
B) $50 billion
C) $130 billion
D) $1 billion

ANS: $130 billion

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