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2020 - Florida TLSAE, Drug and Alcohol Test Answers 6

4 HOUR Florida drug and alcohol test / TLSAE course final exam questions and answers

Question: Different beverages may be absorbed at slightly different rates because of __________.
A. The time of day
B. The drink’s chemical make-up
C. The drink’s size
D. The drinker’s size

ANS: The drink’s size

Question: _____________ who share the road with an impaired driver are at risk.
A. All pedestrians
B. All speeders
C. All drivers
D. All kinds of people

ANS: All drivers

Question: If a law enforcement officer suspects your vehicle is not properly maintained or does not comply with Florida motor vehicle equipment standards, the officer
A. Is not allowed to inspect your vehicle.
B. May stop your vehicle at any time for a vehicle inspection.
C. Must give you 10 days notice before inspecting your vehicle.

ANS: May stop your vehicle at any time for a vehicle inspection.

Question: If you are charged in a CRASH with injuries and are driving a motorcycle, you are _______________ for any bodily injuries and property damage to others.
A. Probably responsible
B. Financially responsible
C. Possibly responsible
D. Not responsible

ANS: Financially responsible

Question: True or False: Barbiturates are among the most widely used depressant drugs in our society.


Question: Being tired has very similar effects on the body as ____________.
A. Old age
B. Alcohol
C. Pain killers
D. Inexperience

ANS: Alcohol

Question: In Florida, drivers under the age of 21 with a BAL of .02 or more _____________.
A. Will have their license suspended for ninety days
B. Will have their license immediately suspended for six months
C. Appear before a judge and have their car impounded
D. Will have their license suspended for twelve months

ANS: Will have their license immediately suspended for six months

Question: If your BAL is at .04, you can expect a __________ drop in complex performance compared to the sober level.
A. 13%
B. 24%
C. 36%
D. 17%

ANS: 13%

Question: Excretion rates of drugs vary greatly depending upon __________________.
A. The type of drug involved and medical condition of the person
B. How much of the drug was taken
C. The age and weight of the person
D. The type of drug and length of time since it was ingested

ANS: The type of drug involved and medical condition of the person

Question: Studies have found that a person is most likely to be involved in a fatal crash with an impaired driver during the hours of ________________.
A. 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.
B. 1:00 and 3:00 a.m.
C. Noon and 3:00 p.m.
D. 7:00 and 10:00 p.m.

ANS: 1:00 and 3:00 a.m.

Question: When a physical need has been achieved to a drug or alcohol, this is referred to as ________________.
A. Motor function issues
B. Toxicity
C. Dependence or addiction
D. The endocrine system

ANS: Dependence or addiction

Question: If you are less than 21 years of age, have been stopped by law enforcement, and have a breath or blood alcohol level of ________ or higher, you will automatically have your driving privilege suspended for six months.
A. 0.08
B. 0.04
C. 0.06
D. 0.02

ANS: 0.02

Question: With a BAL of .08-.099, a female driver age 16-20 is __________ more likely to die in a fatal crash than a sober female the same age.
A. 10 times
B. 25 times
C. 15 times
D. 20 times

ANS: 15 times

Question: Vision can be affected by drugs and alcohol making __________ especially difficult to distinguish.
A. Shapes
B. Colors
C. Lights
D. Distance

ANS: Color

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