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2020 - Florida TLSAE, Drug and Alcohol Test Answers 7

4 HOUR Florida drug and alcohol test / TLSAE course final exam questions and answers

Question: Prior to receiving your motorcycle license you must:
A. Have a driving record that shows no violations
B. Prove that you have all of the required safety gear
C. Show proof of successfully completing the motorcycle education course
D. Show written proof of successfully completing a full physical examination

ANS: Show proof of successfully completing the motorcycle education course

Question: When a projecting load extends to the rear four or more feet beyond the bed or body of a vehicle in the daytime, the extreme rear and sides of the load must be marked by four
A. Red flags.
B. White flags.
C. White lights.

ANS: Red flags.

Question: What is the most confusing and difficult lighting exists at what time to drive?
A. In the morning.
B. Mid-afternoon.
C. Twilight.

ANS: Twilight.

Question: Combining drugs usually leads to __________.
A. Increase in hunger
B. Negating the effects of all types taken
C. Increase in future doses
D. More intense effects

ANS: More intense effects

Question: __________ of teen deaths from motor vehicle crashes occurred on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
A. 30%
B. 60%
C. 55%
D. 45%

ANS: 55%

Question: When your ability to divide your attention is impaired, the chances of being involved in a collision increase. A BAL as low as _____________ has been shown to affect divided attention while driving.
A. 0.06
B. 0.02
C. 0.08
D. 0.1

ANS: 0.02

Question: Do not park more than _______ away from the curb.
A. Six inches
B. Six feet
C. Ten feet
D. One foot

ANS: Six inches

Question: Dealta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is __________ major psychoactive constituent.
A. LSD's
B. Speed's
C. Cocaine's
D. Marijuana's

ANS: Marijuana's

Question: If you are stopping at an intersection with stop bars you should stop before:
A. Your front bumper crosses the line
B. Your front wheel wells cross the line
C. You lose sight of the line
D. Your front tires cross the line

ANS: Your front bumper crosses the line

Question: __________ is what gives meaning to our senses.
A. Perception
B. Emotion
C. Motor ability
D. Personality

ANS: Perception

Question: True or False: In terms of percent, whiskey has more alcohol than wine.


Question: The __________ process occurring in the liver rids the bloodstream of 90% of the alcohol present and is a constant process.
A. Metabolizing
B. Absorption
C. Oxidation
D. Excretion

ANS: Oxidation

Question: Bright (high-beam) headlights show objects __________ feet ahead.
A. 450
B. 350
C. 300
D. 400

ANS: 450

Question: The key to safe skid recovery is:
A. Good brakes
B. No traffic
C. Wide tires
D. Early detection

ANS: Early detection

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