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2020 - Florida TLSAE, Drug and Alcohol Test Answers 8

4 HOUR Florida drug and alcohol test / TLSAE course final exam questions and answers

Question: __________ are one of the deadliest types of intersections.
A) Roundabouts
B) Four way stops
C) Railroad crossings
D) Flashing yellow lights

ANS: Four way stops

Question: True or False: A low BAL will always cause a hangover.

ANS: False

Question: Cirrhosis is a disease that affects which of the listed organs?
A) Liver
B) Kidney
C) Stomach
D) Pancreas

ANS: Liver

Question: Never get any closer then _____ feet when a train is passing through a railroad crossing.
A) 30
B) 15
C) 20
D) 25

ANS: 15

Question: True or false: A 24 year old motorcycle driver would not be required to wear protective eyewear when riding in Florida.


Question: DUI conviction penalties include imprisonment, impounding of your vehicle, __________________, and a felony conviction.
A) Public humiliation
B) Seizure of license plate
C) Community service
D) Installation of an interlock device

ANS: Installation of an interlock device

Question: Florida law requires that motorcycles must always be operated with
A) A windshield of some type
B) Roll bars
C) A muffler system
D) The headlight on

ANS: A muffler system

Question: You should replace your __________ every 15,000 miles.
A) Oil
B) Fuel filter
C) Tires
D) Spark plugs

ANS: Fuel filter

Question: Average individuals eliminate alcohol from their bodies at an approximate rate of__________.
A) .08 BAL per hour
B) .05 BAL per hour
C) .018 BAL per hour
D) .015 BAL per hour

ANS: .015 BAL per hour

Question: If your BAL is .10, you can expect a __________ drop in complex performance compared to the sober level.
A) 36%
B) 24%
C) 13%
D) 17%

ANS: 24%

Question: ____________ occurs if your license was issued because of a mistake or fraud (i.e. giving false information or identification).
A) Restriction
B) Cancellation
C) Suspension
D) Revocation

ANS: Cancellation

Question: Alcohol is one of the fastest substances absorbed by the body.


Question: As you approach an intersection, an oncoming vehicle suddenly turns left in front of you. They will not be completely clear of the intersection before you arrive. You should
A) Swerve left into the oncoming lane where the turning vehicle used to be, and brake hard.
B) Brake hard and move to the left side of your lane. Aim for the space behind the turning vehicle.
C) Swerve left, and try to drive through the oncoming traffic into the cross street on your left.

ANS: Brake hard and move to the left side of your lane. Aim for the space behind the turning vehicle.

Question: The most dramatic effects of cocaine on driving are _____________.
A) On higher anxiety levels
B) On vision
C) On irritability
D) Possible seizures

ANS: On vision

Question: Air bags can be dangerous or fatal under certain circumstances. You should not sit closer than ______ inches from the steering wheel.
A) 7
B) 9
C) 8
D) 10

ANS: 10

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