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► Florida 12 hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course

Mike had to take this course after his FL drivers license was suspended. Usually you are court ordered to take a Florida Advanced Driver Improvement Course to re-instate your Florida Drivers License.

Your Florida Drivers License can be suspended or revoked for the following:

► Too many points in 1 year to 3 year period
► Traffic accident resulting in a death
► The Florida DHSMV labeling you as a Habitual Offender.

Being a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) in Florida: Indicates that you have plead guilty or been judged guilty of three driving on suspended license cases within a five years period making you a Habitual Traffic Offender that means literally you are going to lose drivers license for 5 years.

Habitual Traffic Offender Suspension in Florida - 5 Year Drivers License Suspension - Get Your license Back

Individuals who are facing or are currently in a habitual traffic offender suspension under Florida law if you are receive three major violations in a five year period, you'll be labeled as a habitual traffic offender what that means is the Department of Motor Vehicles mandates that you not drive for one four-year before you might be eligible to apply for a Florida hardship license.

In Florida, one of the penalties for habitual traffic offenders is revocation of your driver's license for five (5) years, in some cases. To most drivers, this is a life altering event, especially to those who earn income by driving. Revocation of the driver's license is a measure to finally put a halt on the criminal propensity of the driver who is a habitual traffic offender. This is done to avoid further injuries, accidents and damage to properties which can be brought about if ones driver's license is not revoked.

If caught in this kind of situation, try to get all the information on your violations. Even violations committed outside Florida could be counted so keep a record of each and every violation you had. Every violation may be similar or different in gravity, but they are commonly considered the same and counted as one violation. Share this with your lawyer to enable him or her to properly prepare for your defense. Your lawyer will file a motion to strike out one or all of the violations in your license. If the motion is granted, then the points will be removed from your license and your license will no longer be revoked by the state. If this happens, you can drive your vehicle at ease without the worries that your driver's license will be revoked.

There are a few Florida Online Traffic Schools that offer the Advanced Driver Improvement Course. Its the only way to get your Florida operators license back. Mike said it was called a 12 Hour Course but, it took him close to 15 hours to complete. He said it was a lot of information with frequent quizzes to take and some behavioral stuff that took some thinking. Mike's course was $100, which seems to be the average cost.

From what I saw the online traffic school course was set up the same as most of the others, text, animation, graphics and videos. It was easy to navigate through and the quizzes were spread through out the Advanced Driver Improvement Course. It seemed mostly intent on changing driving attitudes and driving behaviors.

Here is an outline of the Florida 12 hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course Content:

  • Traffic Laws
  • Highway Safety
  • Advantages of having a good driving record
  • Accepting responsibility for your behavior
  • Shows the causes of driving poorly and the consequences
  • Establishing self control
As you can see its a lot of psychology and aimed at behavior modification. The Florida DHSMV basically wants you to change your thinking. Its aims are to reduce your traffic violations and change your bad driving habits. I got the impression that the FL DHSMV knows you have to drive in order to make a living, they just don't want you appearing on their radar all the time.

Mike got some good news after he registered for his Advanced Driver Improvement Course. It seems the Florida DHSMV will let you apply for a Florida Hardship License with proof of enrollment in the ADI course. You have to pass the course with 80% correct score. You then can take your Certificate of Completion to get your Hardship License. A Florida Hardship License has some restrictions relating to driving offenses that caused your Florida Drivers License to be suspended or revoked. You will still be classified as a Florida Habitual Offender until your driving record has been clean for a year.
Get your Florida Suspended License Back or Apply for hardship license Florida!

Get a Conditional license at Florida ADI Traffic School

I never really thought of myself as a reckless driver, but before I knew it I was having my license suspended for too many violations. I thought things would never get any better, but then I was blessed with this online course that would allow me to have my driving privileges reinstated. One of the things that makes this Florida advanced driver improvement course so unique is that it’s 100% online, so you can work on it from any computer with an internet connection. This gave me the flexibility that my busy schedule needed. The price was just right for this course.

Florida 12 hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course fulfills Court Order, Point Suspension or Hardship License (HTO) to get your driver's license back. Florida 12 Hour ADI Course, Cheap, Easy & Fast Traffic Safety Program.
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