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2020 - TLSAE

First Time Driver Course (4 Hrs.) For all new drivers wanting to get their Learner's Permit, enroll Florida DMV drug and alcohol test instead of 4 hour classroom course. Includes: alcohol and drug information as well as basic driving.

Florida Drug and Alcohol Test course is also known as:
• Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE)
• Drug and Alcohol Traffic Awareness (D.A.T.A.)
• Drug & Alcohol Course or Drug and Alcohol Class
• Alcohol Drugs Accident Prevention Training (A.D.A.P.T.)

Course Information
You must be at least 15 years old to take this Florida Permit Driver Course and less than 18 years of age. Florida Drug and Alcohol Test Course is divided into 4 units to keep you from feeling overloaded with too much information at one time. The graphics, animations, and videos throughout the FL Permit Test course keep you having fun while you work.

Reasons for attending Drug and Alcohol Education course is mandated by Florida Statutes:
* Driving or being in actual physical control of, any vehicle while under the influence of alcoholic beverages, any chemical substance set forth in s. 877.111, or any substance controlled under chapter 893, in violation of s. 316.193.
* Driving with an unlawful blood or breath alcohol level
* Refusing to submit to a lawful breath, blood or urine test as provided in s. 322.2615.

Work and Be Comfortable
Taking your Florida Driver Permit Test doesn’t have to be horrible because this is an online Florida Drug and Alcohol Course filled with fun, animation, education and convenience of various factors like no attending of classroom for Florida First Time Driver Course. All you need to access it is a computer with a basic internet connection, so you can work towards getting your permit from the comfort of your own home bedroom!

Florida First Time Driver's Course Has:
• Accessibility from any computer
• Interactive animations and videos
• 4 easy-to-read chapters
• A guaranteed to pass final exam
• DHSMV State approval

Register Florida Drug and Alcohol Test Course Now!

Just A Few Minutes
You can sign up for this Florida driver permit test prep course in mere minutes, so you can start working right away. When you register you will have to pick a user ID and password for your account; that allows you to access and work on your course any time and from anywhere.

Approval Status
The Florida DHSMV has approved this online course statewide, so it satisfies all the necessary requirements to get your permit.

How many modules are in the drug and alcohol test Florida?
There are 7 modules in the 4 hour drug and alcohol test.

How many chapters are in the Florida drug and alcohol test?
In drug and alcohol course for Florida learners permit, there are 7 chapters with 10 questions at the end of each Chapter. Once you complete all 7 chapters then you will have to go through a Final Exam which consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. A score of 80% is required to pass and Don't Worry! You are given multiple attempts to take the exam by correctly answering at least 32 questions. Believe me! It is a super easy test. Every question is just extremely, extremely easy and you will pass the Florida drug and alcohol course test just like that.

FLORIDA TLSAE /Drug and Alcohol COURSE Introduction - (5 minutes)


   Subject 1 - Societal And Personal Losses From Traffic Crashes (quantified)
   Subject 2 - Contribution Of DUI And Other Hazardous Acts


Module 2: PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS (25 minutes)
   Subject 1 - Dealing With Stress
   Subject 2 - Dealing With Fatigue
   Subject 3 - Dealing With Emotional Distress
   Subject 4 - Appropriate Attitude

Module 3: DUI PREVENTION (40 minutes)
   Subject 1 - Effect Of Alcohol And Other Drugs On Driver Capabilities
   Subject 2 - Relationship Of Amount Of Alcohol Consumed To BAC
   Subject 3 - Legal Consequences
   Subject 4 - Financial Consequences Of DUI
   Subject 5 - Ways To Avoid Driving Impaired


Module 4: CRASH DYNAMICS (25 minutes)
   Subject 1 - Effect Of Speed On Force Of Impact
   Subject 2 - Concept Of Second Collision
   Subject 3 - Energy Absorption

Module 5: SAFETY EQUIPMENT (30 minutes)
   Subject 1 - Safety Belts
   Subject 2 - Head Rests
   Subject 3 - Child Restraints
   Subject 4 - Air Bags
   Subject 5 - General Importance Of Vehicle Safety Maintenance

   Subject 1 - Scanning, Including Distance Guidelines, Adaptation To Surroundings
   Subject 2 - Following Distance, Including 2 Second Minimum
   Subject 3 - Stopping Distance In Relationship To Speed
   Subject 4 - Environmental Hazards
   Subject 5 - Vehicle Emergencies
   Subject 6 - Sharing The Road
   Subject 7 - Passing, Including Necessary Clear Distance
   Subject 8 - Right Of Way
   Subject 9 - Speed Adjustments In Relationship To Surroundings
   Subject 10 - Railroad Crossings

Module 7: FLORIDA TRAFFIC LAWS (50 minutes)
   Subject 1 - Legal Penalties Including Point System
   Subject 2 - Speed Limits Including Default Limits
   Subject 3 - Signs, Signals And Road Markings
   Subject 4 - School Buses
   Subject 5 - Emergency Vehicles
   Subject 6 - Required Vehicle Safety Equipment

Guarantee Your Success
You can take the final exam for this course as many times as you need, so you are guaranteed to pass it.

Florida Drug And Alcohol Permit Test Online
As a reward for taking your drug and alcohol course with driver's education you will also get to take your Florida drug and alcohol permit test online too. This means that you can start driving with your permit without having to step foot inside the DHSMV.

Register Florida Drug and Alcohol Test Course Now!

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