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► Traffic School Online Florida

Traffic School Florida - Get Your Traffic Ticket Dismissed

Traffic School Florida courses are the best way to get rid of any unwanted traffic tickets you have received, but taking a traffic school online Florida course is an even better way. No one wants to spend all day sitting in a boring classroom or lecture hall, so it just makes sense that you should be able to do it online. We have designed a traffic school Florida course that is all web-based, so you can access it from any computer with an internet connection. This traffic school online Florida course is even approved by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, so it satisfies all of the requirements that are necessary to have a traffic ticket removed from your driving record.

Traffic school Florida is not just convenient, but it is also the most affordable option that you will find. We keep our traffic school online Florida course price so low because we want everyone to be able to take it, regardless of their budget. Plus, our course price includes everything that you need to successfully remove a traffic ticket from your driving record and we guarantee that there are absolutely no hidden fees. This low traffic school Florida course price includes all of the necessary processing fees, same-day processing of your certificate of completion, all of the shipping costs, a full money-back guarantee, award winning course material, and a 24 hour customer support team.

We have designed our Traffic School Online Florida course to be very easy to use, so you don't have to be worried if you are not the most computer savvy person in the world. However, if you ever have any questions or concerns you can always contact a member of our customer support team. Each representative is expertly trained to assist you with any issues you may have throughout the course and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach them by calling our toll-free hotline, emailing, or even by chatting live with them right on your computer.

A person, who commits a noncriminal traffic infraction, may, in lieu of a court appearance, elect to attend a Florida Traffic school course.

If such occurs, adjudication is withheld and points cannot be assessed against the person's driving record. In addition, the civil penalty imposed under FS 318.18(3) must be reduced by 18 percent. FS 318.14(9). If an offender elects to adjudicate the traffic infraction, they still may be ordered to attend such a driver improvement course. FS 318.14(5).

Florida 4-Hour BDI Traffic School Course - Complete A 4-hour Florida Online Traffic School Course And Avoid Points For A Traffic Ticket.
    • No Points Assessed On Your License
    • Florida-DHSMV Approved & Court Accepted Course
    • Avoid Insurance Rate Increase And Cancellation†
    • Maintain Safe Driver Status
    • Study At Your Own Pace

You Can Wave Your Ticket Goodbye And Keep Your Record Clean And Clear.

BDI- BASIC DRIVER IMPROVEMENT (4-Hour) State of Florida Approved for Point Reduction

If you have ELECTED to take a Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course to keep traffic citation points from being added to your driving record or if you have been COURT ORDERED to take a BDI course, this Florida DHSMV Basic Driver Improvement Online Course for you.

A thorough driver education review appropriate for any driver with a moving violation or where a traffic laws refresher is needed.

  • Point Reduction “TRAFFIC SCHOOL”
  • Approved by the State of Florida for Point Reduction (Exception :CDL)
  • Required for running a red light, passing a stopped school bus, racing on a highway, spectator of racing on a highway, or reckless driving.
  • Offers drivers an option to have adjudication withheld, keep points off drivers license, maintain "safe driver“ status, and hold insurance premium costs down.
  • Violator can attend once a year, up to 5 times in a lifetime.
  • Volunteer attendance to improve defensive driving skills, and/or for a possible insurance rate discount.
  • Complete 4 hour program in one sitting

To teach  defensive driving techniques, behaviors, and attitudes to individuals who have received a traffic ticket, or who voluntarily take the course to improve their defensive driving knowledge and skills.

Course Content:

  • Driver and Traffic Knowledge.
  • Driving Risk Control.
  • Vehicle Control and Procedures.
  • Driver and Traffic Exposure.
  • Traffic Perceptual Skills.
  • Driving Environment.
  • Speeding.
  • New Vehicle & Highway Safety Engineering Technology.
  • New Laws.

TCAC - TRAFFIC COLLISION AVOIDANCE COURSE (4-hour) State of Florida Approved

If the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has directed you to take a TCAC- Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (same as BDI course) or has DIRECTED YOU to take a BDI course for running a red light, passing a stopped school bus, reckless driving, racing, or being a spectator to racing, this Florida DHSMV Traffic School Online Course for you.

  • For drivers who are referred by the DHSMV because they have been involved, and found at fault:
  • In two traffic crashes within a two year period.
  • In property damage crashes of over $500 for which they were at fault.
  • In crashes involving injuries for which they were at fault.
  • Approved by the State of Florida.
  • Complete 4 hour program in one sitting

Teach defensive driving techniques, behaviors and attitudes to individuals responsible for causing traffic crashes involving property damage and/or injuries.

Course Content:

  • Dangers and costs of speeding and driving behaviors.
  • Effects of alcohol and drugs.
  • Importance of safety belts and restraint systems.
  • Proper driving techniques.
  • Review of traffic laws.

Both the Florida 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Courses (BDI & TCAC) are approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

A certificate is issued upon completion of the course.

This traffic school Florida course is divided into eight units and you can break them up however you want. There is no time limit that you must abide by, so you can work on getting rid of your ticket without ever having to feel rushed or pressed for time. You can log in and out of this course as often as you like, which allows you to complete it in multiple sessions. Also, your spot is automatically saved for you each time you log out of the course, so when you return you can just pick up right where you left off. This traffic school online Florida course is your ticket to a better driving record and a brighter future, so log on today!

Florida DHSMV Approved Traffic School Online Courses - Satisfy all your driving needs

Florida traffic school is something that is a part of everyone's life and that's why it's important to us that it be as enjoyable as possible. This Florida online traffic school course is great because you can access it from any computer with an internet connection. This allows you the freedom you need to be able to work from anywhere you want.

You may also complete our 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement course Voluntarily to receive a reduction in violation points or insurance discount(up to 10%).

Points may not be added to your Florida driver license record, maintain SAFER DRIVER status credit if applicable, and adjudication of guilt is withheld.


Florida 8-Hour Traffic School

8 Hour Intermediate Driver Improvement - is a court ordered course that we make available for your convenience in a classroom or online. No points will be placed on your driving record and your insurance rates will not increase. This course is approved by FL DMV.

FL Intermediate DRIVER IMPROVEMENT (8-Hour)

Comprehensive driver education program providing significant depth of detail. Course is suitable for individuals with multiple violations in a short period of time, or a more serious traffic violation.

Reason for taking the course:

  • For individuals with a history of traffic violations, poor driving skills, or as required by their employer.
  • This course is an alternative for those who have already taken BDI-4 the maximum number of times allowed (once a year, up to five times in a lifetime) or for more serious traffic offenses.

To teach defensive driving techniques, behaviors and attitudes to individuals who have been court ordered or voluntarily take the course to improve their defensive driving knowledge, attitude and behavior.

Course Content:

  • Defensive driving techniques.
  • Physical and mental conditions of drivers.
  • Occupant safety.
  • Effects of drugs and alcohol on the driver.
  • Review of Florida DUI law.
  • Driving conditions and environment, following distances, etc.
  • Hazards of urban, rural, and highway driving.
  • Driving Skills Analysis-pre/post test.
  • Complete 8 hour program in one sitting

Florida 12-Hour ADI Course - Take this course for

- Court Ordered in person
- Habitual Offender
- Florida Hardship License
- Points Suspension

Enroll Now for FL ADI Course online. Guaranteed to Pass Florida Advanced Driver Improvement Course.

Dismiss Florida Traffic Ticket

We all get traffic tickets and that's why it's best to take a Florida traffic school course as soon as possible to get rid of it. This Florida online traffic school course is approved by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, so it satisfies all of the requirements that are necessary to dismiss a traffic ticket.

This Florida traffic school course allows you to log in and out as many times as you want, so you can complete the course in multiple sessions. There is no time limit for this Florida online traffic school course, so you can work on it at a pace that is convenient and comfortable for you.

This Florida traffic school course was designed with you in mind and that's why it is so convenient and affordable. Log on right now and make sure you don't miss out.

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